Castlebay, Barra

Date: Saturday 8 September 2018

Venues: Screen Machine + Bùth Bharraigh

Filmmaker Ed Webb-Ingall and Invisible Dust director Alice Sharp were in attendance for a screening of the Shore films in mobile cinema venue Screen Machine. Throughout the day, Mairi McFadyen of Local Voices was based in Bùth Bharraigh - the Community Local Produce Hub for the islands of Barra and Vatersay - gathering thoughts and reactions around MPAs at the Shore pop-up stand. Image: Rosie Schneider

Hear how people in Castlebay see the sea…

“How do you see the sea?” - Audience Responses

There have already been many important conversations on Barra and the Western Isles about Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Evaluation at the screening in Castlebay showed an already high awareness of the importance and impact of MPAs…

A wonderful resource to be protected at all costs, especially from plastic and dredging.
Source of income – Exploited – Fought over
The sea has been the livelihood for many on the island, for many generations, and hopefully for many years to come!
It is important that we look after the sea, not just in Scotland or UK but globally
...livelihood ...danger

Big thanks to our event partners in Castlebay